Santa Sleigh Run!

14th December 2019 16:15pm 19:00pm


Santa will be traveling around Wenvoe Village with his jolly helpers sharing joy. You will be able to follow his journey on real-time tracking via Facebook FOLLOW SANTA LIVE BY VISITING

Santa Claus is coming to town! When you hear his sleigh in your street, come say hello and get your Christmas treat.

Keep an eye out for Santa’s Elf. They’ll be carrying the Sleigh Stop sign. Santa will only be stopping where the Elf stands so that we can reduce the number of stops and try and make sure we keep to time!

Please remember that these times are approximate and Santa could be delayed or have to take a detour for any number of reasons from Reindeer comfort breaks to snow on the road. If you have any questions or need an update on Santa’s location please call Santa’s little helpers on 07737 498719.

4.15pm Goldsland Walk, Burdons Close
4.50pm Entrance to Rectory Close
5.05pm Outside the Wenvoe Arms
5.20pm Entrance to Gwenfo Drive
5.40pm Harlech Road, Gwern Close
6.10pm Brooklands Terrace, Heol Collen, Heol Draenen Wen

This event has been organised by Vale Village Church